Friday, March 25, 2011

Science Centre

Science Centre

Past: The Science Centre was born out of a governmental initiative in hiving off the scientific-related exhibits from the then National Museum of Singapore into a separate institution so that the latter could specialise in its artistic and historical collections. 
In 1987, the centre saw a significant expansion with the opening of Singapore's first and only OMNIMAX (now known as IMAXDome) theater, the Singapore Omni-Theatre. In 1999, a S$38 million renovation expanded on the exhibition space, created a new entrance, as well as open-air exhibition areas and a direct connection to the separate Omni-Theatre building. In 2000, Snow City, a recreation of a -5 degrees Celsius environment in tropical Singapore was set up beside the Omni-Theatre.

Present: The Singapore Science Centre (SSC) was designed as a fun way to educate children about the wonders of science. A family can easily spend a day here but don’t expect to be able to explore it all in one day as there are more than 1,000 interactive exhibits. The most fun for youngsters is probably the Waterworks featuring a fun water maze made up from water jets. The bottom line is that no child will leave the park completely dry.

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